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There are many different activities available at the campground. In the playing field, you can choose from horseshoes, volleyball, badminton, & croquet. Other game/activities are planned, such as a soccer game. Shown here is a horseshoe game by the main pavilion.


Have fun playing volleyball, horseshoes or other activities in the sports field.

Rent a canoe or small boat to explore or fish the Sylamore Creek. Or bring your own!

Canoe Rentals: $12 = hour, off the bank, in the creek, 4 hour maximum

Kayak Rentals:  $8 per hour in the creek

Float Trips: 10mile = $65 per canoe

                     20mile = $80 per canoe

Note: On the float trips, If we only shuttle one canoe up there is a $10.00 surcharge added.  If you rent two or more or another group is going that charge is not added.


Try a canoe float trip down the White River. You'll end up back at the campground so you can take your time, explore side creeks, fish, or have a picnic. Just as long as you are back in an hour before dark.
We offer 10 or 20 mile trips.

Mountain View is home to some of the finest genuine folk music to be found anywhere! There are several regularly scheduled music shows around town, as well as the Ozark folk Center, host to National competitions & folk craft grounds.
There are six festivals,& several other events held in and around Mountain View. You'll really enjoy the informal gathering of musicians around the town square on almost any fair weather evening, especially on week-ends. If you play, bring your instrument and join in. If you don't play, just enjoy!
For additional information on Festivals, music & other activities, click here.
Mtn View Chamber of Commerce You'll find the kind of old time, small town, friendly atmosphere that most of the rest of the country doesn't even know still exists! Here, it's not just for show, it's for real! Come see for yourself!


In addition to the great music available in and around town, you can take two walking tours of one of the best cave systems in the country at Blanchard Caverns. For the more adventurous, try the Wild Cave tour. Hard hats, lamps & knee pads provided. You will be crawling! (Advance reservations are required for the wild cave tour.)


The Ozark National Forest is just across the creek! There are miles of specific use trails developed for you. Hiking trails are restricted to hikers only. (I know that if you went to the trouble of hiking back into an area, you don't want someone buzzing by you on an ATV! It won't happen here.) One of the trails starts just around the bend in the creek, and follows the North Sylamore Creek up for about 15 miles with connections at Blanchard Springs and Gunner Pool. There are many other trails to take also, easy to challenging.
Enjoy the peace & quiet!


If you enjoy Mountain Biking, you're going to love this place! The Forest Service is currently developing over 80 miles of trails devoted to mountain biking. These trails offer loops that range from moderate to as challenging as you want it. Along the trails you'll enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding mountains as well as the White River Valley. This is a new trail system, & from what I've seen, it will be as good as any in the country. You can be among the first to come out and try it. (Before everyone else finds out about it!)

If you would like to go for a horseback trail ride, there is a stable just down the road. You can choose a 1, 2 hour or longer ride. You can enjoy the sun on your back, the sounds of the birds and the flowing creek while relaxing to the rythmic gait of the horse doing all the work!
If you like, bring your own horse!

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Sylamore Creek Camp Mountain View, Arkansas

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